Applications References

Universal Application: from the various fields of steam blade industries to other key applications like aerospace and aviation,automotive, medical, communication sectors, and many more.
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Semiconductor tooling part Al MIC6,manufactured with high-speed,high-precision milling (chip industry)
Die insert part 1.2379 for Rockwell 62 RC purpose press form (automotive industry)
Gripper RVS 316 for a semi-automatic displacement system (food industry)
Press holder 31CrMoV9, tooling part connected with subassembly pressure gauge (aircraft construction)
Pusher HMPE clamping and reducing unit (Philips Lighting)
Charging part for suspensor, 5-axis high speed milling Al MIC6 (medical technology)



Conforming to European Safety Standards

To ensure the application of a comprehensive solution, all equipment meets the modern safety design and assembly of the European DIN EN 12417 machine tool safety standard. With the use of Euchner safety switch, all door locked are safely controlled. Composite glasses ensure high retention, puncture and scratch resistance, and resistance to coolant. To obtain better security control, we rely on reputable supplychains such as Heidenhain and Siemens to provide ultimate monitoring procedures. All safety control measures are incompliance with CE marking and declaration.